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Consulting application

Correspondence consultation with neurosurgeons of the Federal Center for Neurosurgery

The correspondence consultation service was created for patients who have any neurosurgical pathology, diagnostically confirmed (identified after an X-ray, ultrasound or tomography and confirmed by examination by a neurologist, neurosurgeon, or discharge from the hospital) to resolve the issue of possible surgical treatment.

If you only suspect the presence of any disease, you need to go to the clinic at your place of residence to undergo the necessary examinations and examination by a specialized specialist.

Since CT and MRI images usually cannot be attached to the application form due to the fact that their size exceeds the maximum allowable limit, we recommend using the Yandex.Disk or Google.Disk programs. 

Instructions for uploading files to Yandex and Google are located at: and /drive/answer/2424368?hl=ru. After downloading the files, do not forget to indicate in the form a link to the downloaded files.

To conduct a correspondence consultation, it is necessary to have descriptions of images (CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound) epicrisis from a hospital or clinic.

Due to high load, a response will be given to you within 14 working days if all form fields are filled out correctly and all necessary surveys are available for your pathology (you can check the list at, ask a question and write your diagnosis).

The messages sent are not requests for state or municipal services sent in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2010 No. 210-FZ “On the organization of the provision of state and municipal services”, and are not requests from citizens considered in the manner established by the Federal Law dated 02.05.2006 No. 59-FZ “On the procedure for considering appeals from citizens of the Russian Federation.”

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