Novosibirsk, st. Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 132/1

Indications for referring patients for consultation and treatment to the Federal Center for Neurosurgery, Novosibirsk

Department of Neurosurgery No. 1 (children)

Head of the department – Ph.D. Letyagin German Vladimirovich 

  1. hydrocephalus of various origins;
  2. cysts of the brain and spinal cord;
  3. craniostenosis;
  4. congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system;
  5. tumors of the brain and spinal cord;
  6. vascular diseases of the brain;
  7. consequences of traumatic brain injury;
  8. cerebral palsy;
  9. drug-resistant forms of epilepsy;
  10. inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system.

Department of Neurosurgery No. 2 (spinal) < /b>

Head of the department – Ph.D. Klimov Vladimir Sergeevich

  1. degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine (disc herniation);
  2. spinal instability of various locations;
  3. spinal canal stenosis;
  4. spinal cord injury and its consequences.

Department of Neurosurgery No. 3 (vascular)

Head of the department – Andrey Vladimirovich Dubovoy

  1. arterial aneurysms (ruptured and unruptured);
  2. arteriovenous malformations of the brain and spinal cord;
  3. stenoses  precerebral vessels (internal carotid artery);
  4. cavernous angiomas of the brain and spinal cord;
  5. carotid-cavernous anastomosis.

Department of Neurosurgery No. 4 (oncology)

Head of the department - Ph.D. Chernov Sergey Vladimirovich

  1. intracerebral tumors of the cerebral lobes, deep localization, corpus callosum, intraventricular localization and cerebellum;
  2. tumors of the pineal gland and pineal region;
  3. pituitary and chiasmal-sellar adenomas (endoscopic transsphenoidal removal);
  4. tumors of the membranes (meningiomas) of the brain and spinal cord of all locations;
  5. metastatic brain tumors;
  6. tumors of the cranial nerves (auditory, trigeminal, etc.).

Department of Neurosurgery No. 5 (functional)

Head of the department – candidate of medical sciences, Dmitriev Alexander Borisovich

  1. Parkinson's disease;
  2. epilepsy;
  3. essential tremor;
  4. spasticity treatment;
  5. chronic pain syndromes;
  6. hemifascial spasm;
  7. torsion dystonia.