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Meteosensitivity – what is this?

14 April 2023

A lot of people complain of headaches and asthenia in the moments of rapid temperature and atmosphere pressure changes. Such patients call themselves weather-dependent persons. The specialists of the Center gave their comments to the correspondent of NGS.RU news portal about this problem.

Dr.Galina Moysak, a neurologist of the Center noted that this problem was not studied well but the majority of researchers do not deny the presence of meteosensitivity. To be honest, each case is individual.

Dr.Andrey Dubovoy, a neurosurgeon of the neurovascular division underlines that human organism is a precisely balanced system and the shift of blood flow parameters due to the changes of atmosphere pressure may lead to the changes on the level of arterial pressure or cerebral blood supply.

In their turn, the changes in the brain connected with pressure changes, humidity and other external factors may lead to the changes in the metabolic exchange of such substances as serotonin that is responsible for the mood that may worsen during these periods.