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New Year’s Congratulations for patients of pediatric division

14 April 2023

New Year is a holiday that children are always waiting for impatiently. Each child believes in miracles and in fulfillment of desires. The New Year is always associated with a fairytale in children. Fairy-tale characters visit them and give out presents.

Father Frost and Snow maiden visited each patient of a pediatric division of our Center, presented their congratulations to children and their parents; they shares bright emotions and good mood with them. We appreciate a group of hospital clowns “NOS” for collaboration and the possibility to support our little patients and their parents.

A small holiday show was also presented by the volunteers of Cheerful Children’s Hospital in front of the division’s windows. The show was not only for children, all other patients of our Center could watch it through the windows of their wards. Each little patient got a present from the volunteers/

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