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Republican Research and Training Conference

17 January 2023

Republican Research and Training Conference with international participation on “Topical Issues of Neurosurgery” took part in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on October 14-15, 2022. The delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Italy, Lithuania, and Ukraine took part in the conference. During 2 days of the conference the speakers presented their reports and actively discussed various spheres of neurosurgery.

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Report of Dr.Agadadash Kasymov

Two plenary reports were presented during the conference by Dr.Agadadash Kasymov: “Surgery of deep brain mass lesions with minimally-invasive methods” and “Ultrasonic navigation in neurosurgery”. The second-year resident Asanali A.Amanzholov also took an active part in the Conference.

Carrying out of such events allows neurosurgeons from all over the world exchanging their experience and establishing friendly relationships.


Dr.Agadadash Kasymov and Ermek K.Djusembekov*

We express our sincere appreciation to our Kazakhstan colleagues and friends for this event.


Ermek K.Djusembekov, Md, Professor, Head of neurosurgical department of Kazakhstan National Medical University. Chief external expert on neurosurgery of Healthcare Ministry of Kazakhstan