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The IInd University Neurosurgical Meetings

17 January 2023

The “IInd University Neurosurgical Meetings” were held during November 10-11, 2022 at the premises of Burdenko’s Institute. The idea of such conference holding belongs to the Academician Vladimir V.Krylov.

Vladimir Viktorovich devoted the major part (if not only the whole) of his career to the academic neurosurgery, he always underlines the priority of a scientific element of our specialty over “ordinary” routine practical neurosurgery. You may find full program of the Conference here.

The main idea of the Conference was to inform Russian academic neurosurgical society about activities of neurosurgeons in medical universities of different parts of our country. We are, Russian neurosurgeons dealing not only with practical activities in the ORs, divisions, admission wards, dressers, etc. but also putting all the efforts to analyze the outcomes of our activities, need common meetings, discussions and other communication possibilities. University readings entirely provide us with such possibilities.

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