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The News of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

17 January 2023

Mikhail Murashko, the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation took part in the meeting of Council of Ministers of Finance and Health of “G20” Group that continues during these days on Bali (Indonesia) in videoconference format. Anton Siluanov, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, also took part in this meeting. During their public speaking participants of the meeting encouraged the launch of a global pandemics response facility on the grounds of the World Bank.

Mikhail Murashko noted that Russia supports the proposition of “G20” Group about the mandate prolongation of the Assigned working group on improving the readiness and reactions on public health emergencies. The Minister noted that one of the main goals of the above mentioned working group is to strengthen cooperation of “G20” group with international partners on the issues of improving the readiness and reaction on antroponose infections and the best national practices exchange.

The Minister also noted that in spite of the fact that pandemics continue, the Russian Federation had successfully met the threats but also had helped poor countries contributing into strengthening of global healthcare architecture.

-       The pandemic of a new coronavirus infection was a heavy burden on the wealth of all the countries and became a crucible for ordinary people. In this connection improving the readiness of global healthcare architecture aimed at relevant response to dangerous zoonotic infections with pandemic potential is the main goal. Such healthcare architecture should be based on the principles of transparence, publicity and equitable participation of all interested parties. We consider WHO as a coordinator of international efforts in healthcare. At the same time, we specify that the attempts to turn the global healthcare architecture into single-centered one in the interests of only a small group of countries will lead to the rise in inequality in obtaining reasonable medical aid, - declared the Minister.

Besides, the Minister noted that there appear unfavorable tendencies in politicization of activities of profile Committees of “G20”, in particular, the Council of Healthcare Ministers which is unacceptable and neutralizes all reached agreements.

-       In case of retaining the tendencies of political questions predominance over sectorial ones we may run a risk of impossibility of meeting of the goals – to improve the global healthcare architecture and rising the highest level of the world’s population health, - stated the Minister.

— При сохранении тенденции преобладания политических вопросов над отраслевыми мы рискуем не достичь поставленные задач – укрепление глобальной архитектуры здравоохранения и достижение наивысшего уровня здоровья населения мира, — заявил Министр.


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation