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Moscow Pain Manage - 2022

17 January 2023

A regular impressive Congress on pain management “Moscow Pain Manage-2022” was held on November 4-6, 2022 in Moscow.

A session on facial pain and headaches was held on November 5, 2022 in the framework of the Congress.

A homely 2-hours’ section meeting turned into a very serious and significant event that had lasted for more than 3 hours thanks to a great number of participants, variety of questions and vivid discussion.

The plan of the sectional session “Orofacial pain: complex issues of inter-disciplinary interaction” was as following:

1.     J.Rzaev “Trigeminal neuralgia: new approaches to diagnostics and treatment”.

2.     L.R.Mingazova “Post-traumatic trigeminal nerve neuropathy: a way from dentist to neurologist”.

3.     O.R.Orlova “Botulin-therapy of orofacial disorders”.

4.     I.V.Portnyagin “Interventional methods of orofacial pain management”.

5.     E.D.Isagulyan “Neurostimulation in therapy of orofacial pain”.

6.     D.N.Nazaryan “Surgical treatment of Eagle syndrome”.

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In general, neurological meetings have some specific features from the neurosurgeon’s point of view:

-       Great number of participants;

-       Disciplined approach of the audience – people listen to the reports very attentively, make notes, ask well-targeted and sometimes very critical questions. Though sometimes such questions are not very “comfortable” for the speaker, the discussions are usually mild and warm, and are pursuant to academic traditions.

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According to the results of this meeting further steps on collaboration with Moscow neurologists are outlined. “Veine Readings” will be next meeting where the specialists of our Center will take part. The meeting is scheduled for the beginning of February 2023.

Please follow the news. Collaboration between Novosibirsk neurosurgeons and Moscow neurologists will continue.