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Children were genuinely happy with hospital clowns.

Children were genuinely happy with hospital clowns. 04/01/2015

Children were genuinely happy with hospital clowns.

On the eve of the Laughing day (April, the 1st) hospital clowns “NOS” visited Pediatric neurosurgical division of FCN. Children smile, naughty games and bubbles - that's what clowns brought with them.

Volunteers come to our center every week, come into patient’s rooms, communicate with children, parents, distract them from illness and give warmth and joy.

At this time, the clowns made everyone believe and test the theory that during the day it must be 8 hugs to feel happy! It really works - children and parents became happier.

Hospital clowns are sincere volunteers who have been specially trained. "We don’t do this for fun. It was proved by official studies that there is a therapeutic effect on the interaction of children with clowns. However, we also come because we really love people and help them even in ordinary life not to mention the situations in which people need to be in hospital” - says Alexandra Kostrykina, one of the founders of the hospital clowns community.

Parents say that clowns are correct and professional; children remember Juja and Zefirka with a smile.

Thank you for your sincerity and children's laughter! Looking forward to next week!

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