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Results of the IInd session of SibNeuro Association.

Results of the IInd session of SibNeuro Association. 12/24/2014

Results of the IInd session of SibNeuro Association.

On December 19, 2014 at the premises of the Federal Neurosurgical center there was a regular session of the SiberianAssociation of Neurosurgeons (SibNeuro).

Head Doctor of the Federal Neurosurgical Center, Jamil Rzaev, opened the session. Professor of Omsk State Medical Academy A.G.Kalinichev was elected as a Chairman of the IInd session of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons.


The session started with scientific and practical part. 4 reports were presented in this part.

The first report was presented by Vadim Bikmullin (St.-Petersburg). It was dedicated to modern demands to evaluation of functional outcomes in surgical treatment of degenerative spine disorders. The main theme of the report was classification of patients’ pain evaluation. Dr.Bikmullin gave examples of foreign and Russian rating scales.

His second report Dr.Bikmullin dedicated to microvascular anastomosis. He told the audience about methodological evaluation aspects of efficiency of extra-intracranial microvascular anastomosis in occlusive damages of brachiocephalic arteries.  In his report Dr.Bikmullin had also shared experience of treatment of such patients in St.-Petersburg.

The second report was presented by neurosurgeon of vascular division of the Federal Neurosurgical center, Vitaly S.Kiselev on “Endovascular treatment of patients with cerebral-vascular pathology in the Federal Neurosurgical center, Novosibirsk”. The main theme of the report was summary of surgical procedures performed in 2014.

Galina I.Moysak (Federal Neurosurgical Center, Novosibirsk) presented the report about the possibilities of modern visualization methods in brain surgery. Dr.Moysak used her experience and practical knowledge after her staying in one of Japanese clinics.

The final report was performed by Julia S.Anokhina about activities of the Association. She reviewed preliminary results and told about some plans for further development of the Association.

According to the results of the conference it can be noted that all the reports were interesting and generated many questions of the audience. Many specialists took part in the discussion. For example, the Head of radiology division, Mikhail E.Amelin added a short message to the report of Dr.Moysak.

It was decided to hold the next session of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons on January 30, 2015. The name of the winner of young neurosurgeons competition being held in the framework of the Association will be announced during the next session.

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