Novosibirsk, st. Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 132/1

The LXVIIth Meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNeuro”

14 April 2023

The LXVIIth Meeting of the Siberian association of neurosurgeons “SibNeuro” will be held on June 19, 2020 at the premises of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk). It will be devoted to young specialists (videoconference via TrueConf)

Targeted audience: neurologists, neurosurgeons, medical students, residents.


Anatoliy V.Bervitskiy, a neurosurgeon of the vascular division of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk).


1. Anton N.Konovalov, a neurosurgeon of the neurosurgical division of the Academician N.N.Burdenko National Medical Research Neurosurgical Center (Moscow), junior researcher;

2. Vladislav N.Evseev, resident of oncological division of N.I.Pirogov High Medical Technologies Clinic (St.-Petersburg);

3. Esenbulat Z.Imamurzaev, 1-year resident of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk).

You may find detailed information and apply for participation here.


14:00 - 14:05 Welcome words (A.Bervitskiy)

14:05 - 14:35 Lecture on “Young Scientists Council of N.N.Burdenko National Medical Research Center” (A.Konovalov)

14:35 - 15:05 Lecture on “Competitions in neurosurgery”   (E.Imamurzaev)

15:05 - 15:35 Lecture on “Higher School of Oncology as an alternative model of post-graduate education of an oncologist” (V.Evseev) 

15:35 - 15:50 Discussion