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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Neurosurgical division #5 (Functional)


Department chief
 +7 (383) 349 83 15  

 +7 (383) 349 83 42

The division of functional neurosurgery is the division of a new type; it is one of the first divisions launched in Russia and aimed at improving the quality of patients’ lives with difficult neurological and neurosurgical pathologies. Modern technologies, medical judgement and individual patient-centered psychological approaches are offered to the division’s patients.


There are 14 beds for patients. Intensive therapy ward is also a part of the division.
  • one- and two-place wards; 
  • functional beds allowing easy patient care;
  • built-in-furniture;
  • bathroom in each ward;
  • ·nurse-call system in each ward.  

The list of surgical procedures includes:

  • parkinson's disease;
  • essential tremor;
  • torsion distonia;
  • infantile cerebral paralysis  
  • spastic syndrome
  • hemifacial spasm.
  • sacred disease
  • severe pain syndrome
  • paripheral nerve traumas
  • brain dropsy

Specialists of the Functional Department:

Александр Борисович Дмитриев
Department chief


Natalia P. Denisova

Fedor A. Efremov


Elena A. Khabarova