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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Neurosurgical division #1 (Pediatric)


Undoubtedly, children are the great value in life of any person. Affectionate parents can be really happy only when their children are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens when a child is affected by an insidious disease when there is no way out without medical intervention. Certainly in such situation requirements of tender loving parents to medicine are the highest.

Today children’s neurosurgical division of the «Federal Neurosurgical Centre» of Novosibirsk is the only specialized children's division of federal significance providing high technological neurosurgical care on the territory of the Siberian federal district. The division contains 15 children's beds and 15 beds for accompanying persons. Combination of the newest diagnostic and treatment methods and also doctors’ professionalism allows covering the whole range of neurosurgical pathology of childhood.

Attentive approach to every child, friendly atmosphere, comfortable colorful interior and possibility to spend time together with other children in a playing zone help creating  positive mood and make child stronger for coping with  disease.
Maximally comfortable conditions and facilities are provided for our young patients and their parents:

·       single or semi-private rooms for rooming-in of a mother and her child;

·       tilting beds for easiness of patients care;

·       built-in furniture;

·       there is a bathroom with a shower, nurse call system.


The range of operations performed in the children’s division is rather wide and includes treatment of the following diseases:


  1. hydrocephaly of various genesis;
  2. brain and spinal cord cysts;
  3. craniostenosis;
  4.  congenital anomalies in development of central nervous system;
  5. brain and spinal cord tumors;
  6. vascular brain diseases;
  7. consequences of a craniocerebral trauma;
  8. children's cerebral paralysis;
  9. pharmacoresistant forms of epilepsy connected with cranial capacity;
  10. inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system.


We work for one common cause and we believe that our joint efforts together with parents of our young patients will help saving the most valuable thing - health of our children.

IMG_3248.JPG German Letyagin 

PhD, the chief of the division, doctor of the highest qualification grade. He has 20-years’ experience in children's neurosurgery, he has been the chief children’s neurosurgeon of Altai Region for 7 years. The Ph.D. thesis is devoted to endoscopic treatment of intracerebral hematomas of non traumatic genesis. Doctor Letyagin studied children's neurosurgery, including an endoscopy on the basis of the leading clinics of Moscow, St. Petersburg. In 2009 he was qualified as the best surgeon of Altai Region. In 2011 doctor Letyagin was honored with an award of the Altai Region Governor. He has more than 40 scientific publications.

IMG_32601.jpg Vasily Danilin

Neurosurgeon of the second qualifying grade. Graduate of Kemerovo state medical academy. He finished neurosurgery residency on the basis of Novokuznetsk state medical refresher institute. After the residency he has been working as a neurosurgeon in neurosurgery clinic on the basis of hospital #29 in Novokuznetsk for six years, and recent four years he worked as the children's neurosurgeon.

Doctor Danilin is a participant of the International schools on children's neurosurgery (The Institute of neurosurgery of academician N.N.Burdenko, scientific research institute of urgent children's surgery and traumatology, Moscow), he takes part in master classes carried out by ISPN (International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery) in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011; participant of the 3rd Russian national conference on children's neurosurgery in Kazan in 2011. Since 2008 doctor Danilin is the member of the Russian national Society of children's neurosurgery.

IMG_32521.jpg Sergey Kim 

Graduate of the Novosibirsk state medical University. He finished residency on neurosurgery on the basis of Novosibirsk scientific research institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. After the residency he worked as a neurosurgeon in Novosibirsk regional clinical hospital. Doctor Kim is the participant of the International school on children's neurosurgery (The Institute of neurosurgery of academician N.N.Burdenko, Moscow) in 2009, 2010, 2011, he took part in the Educational cycle on vascular neurosurgery (FNC, Tyumen) in 2011, 2012, also in a master-class on application of contemporary haemostatic facilities (The educational centre of High medical technologies, Kazan) in 2012. Since 2009 he is the member of the Russian national Society of children's neurosurgery. In December 2018 participated in Conference “Pre-surgical diagnosis and surgical treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy”, National Medical and Surgical Center named after N.I. Pirogov

IMG_3019.JPG Aleksandr Scherbakov


IMG_9096-1.JPG Irina Petrova


Nursing staff of the Pediatric division.