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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Neurosurgical division #1 (Pediatric)


Department chief 
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Nowdays neurosurosurgical department  №1 of the Federal neurosurgical center (Novosibirsk) is the only specialized pediatric federally significant department offering   high-technology neurosurgery care in the Siberian district. 

There are 11 beds for children and 11 beds for attendants. 

Maximally comfortable conditions are offered to little patient and their parents: 
  • one- and two-place wards for joint staying of a mother with a child; 
  • functional beds allowing easy patient care;
  • built-in-furniture;
  • bathroom in each room;
  • nurse call system in each room.

The list of the surgical procedures includes:

  1.  hydrocephalus of various genesis;
  2. cerebral and spinal cysts;
  3. craniostenosis;
  4. congenital disorders of CNS;
  5. brain and spinal tumor;
  6. vascular brain deseases;
  7. cranio-cerebral injuries consequences;
  8. infantile cerebral paralysis;
  9. pharmacoresistent epilepsy;
  10. inflammatory conditions of CNS.

Specialists of the Pediatric Department:

Letyagin new.png

German V. Letyagin
Department chief

                              Kim new.png                              
                                  Danilin new.png                              

Sergey A. Kim

Vasiliy E. Danilin

                                 Scherbakov new.png
                                  Petrova new.png

Alexandr V. Scherbakov

Irina V. Petrova 


Sysoeva new.png


Anna A. Sysoeva


Nursing staff of the neurosurgical department №1 (Pediatric)