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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Radiodiagnosis division

Отделение лучевой диагностики ФГБУ "ФЦН" г. Новосибирск

Radiodiagnostics is such part of medicine integrating all the disciplines.

Being a part of the Center, this division is primarily oriented to rendering of neurosurgical and neurological help dealing with clinical and experimental activities for upgrading neurosurgical assistance. Our equipment and experience of our specialists allow performing all types of diagnostic testings of other areas and organs: abdominal cavity, any types of arterial districts. We are striving at optimize time being taken for testing to offer more comfortable conditions for patients, the quality of our services.

Our main goal is to perform maximally executive checkup of the patient with precise indications. The equipment of our division allows performing maximally executive checkup of a patient using the whole range of diagnostics capabilities (ultrasound investigation, CT, MRI, digital X-ray scanning).

Our division is equipped with the following types of devices:

- Expert class ultrasonic apparatus (Acuson, Siemens);

- MRI unit with magnetic field intensity of 1,5 Tesla (Avanto, Siemens);

- 64-slice spiral computer tomograph (Somatom Emotion, Siemens);

- Digital X-ray apparatus (Axiom, Siemens).

These devices allow performing the whole range of ultrasound testings:

- Ultrasonic scanning of brachycephalous arteries (neck arteries);

- Ultrasonic scanning of lower and upper limbs;

- Ultrasonic scanning of renal arteries;

- Ultrasonic scanning of lower limbs’ veins;

- Ultrasonic scanning of abdominal cavity;

- Ultrasonic scanning of joints;

- Transcranial Doppler sonography.

The range of testings performed with the help of computer tomographic scanner:

- Multi-layer spiral CT of spinal cord;

- Multi-layer spiral CT of joints;

- Multi-layer spiral CT of bones;

- Multi-layer spiral CT-angiography of head and neck’s arteries;

- Multi-layer spiral CT-angiography of abdominal aorta and its visceral branches;

- Multi-layer spiral CT-angiography of upper and lower limbs;

- Multi-layer spiral CT of thoracic cage organs with or without contrast;

- Multi-layer spiral CT of abdominal cavity organs with contrast intensifying.

There are the following MRI testings:

- MRI of brain and spinal cord;

- MRI of large joints, wrists and feet;

- MR-angiography of arteries and veins;

- MR-testing of abdominal cavity organs;

- MR-testing of small pelvis organs;

- MR-testing with inner contrast enhancement.

X-ray testings:

- Of any osseous structures;

- Functional X-ray testings;

- Testing of thoracic cage organs;

- Testing of abdominal cavity organs.

We use post-processing stations for estimation and description of diagnostic screenings, allowing reducing time and upgrading diagnostic testing. We learn, master new methods and diagnostic directions, striving at their implementation in our center. We also teach others using our experience and knowledge.


Mikhail Amelin

Head of the division, radiologist, Candidate of Medicine.

He has been working in radio diagnostics since 2006; he is the author and co-author of 24 scientific publications. He took his postgraduate courses in Moscow, Salzburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg.

Elena Bartosh


In 2008 she graduated from clinical residency on general surgery, in 2011 – from clinical residency on cardiovascular surgery, in 2012 she took internship on radiology and X-ray diagnostics.
She manages all types of classical radiology, CT and MRI methods.

Boris Ivanov


He has been working in the sphere of radio diagnostics since 2008 and manages all methods of classic X-ray diagnostics, CT and MRI methods. He took his postgraduate courses in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

Anna Nikolaeva


Andrey Perfilyev


He has been working in the sphere of radio diagnostics since 1989. He is the author of 2 scientific publications, manages all methods of classic X-ray diagnostics, CT and MRI methods.

Polina Chernova

Ultra sound medical investigation specialist.

She is a graduate of Novosibirsk State Medical Academy. She took her postgraduate courses in pediatrics in 2004. She manages all the methods of ultrasonic diagnostics.

Nursing staff of the Radiodiagnosis division.