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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Laboratory diagnostics division

Laboratory diagnostics division is equipped with unique for Novosibirsk automatic analyzers’ set from SIEMENS company (Germany – the USA) that is capable of fully satisfy the demands of our Center’s laboratory assessments.

Advia2120i blood analyzer was prepared for obtaining high-quality results. It performs complex analyses of erythrogenesis, leucocytes differentiation on 5 populations, two-dimensional thrombocytes analyses. More than 35 measurable and adjusted parameters allow obtaining maximum information about the patient’s state. Advia2120i also enables performing of liquor analyses.

Quality of indications control is made according to a unique technology that is used in other analyzers: results of the check sample obtained by two different methods are compared.

  Dimension Xpand plus multi-purpose bio-chemical analyzer is an integration of chemical and bio-chemical systems providing a wide range of tests: all routine bio-chemical screens, drug monitoring, cardio markers (troponin I, mass SK-MB, myoglobin), glycated hemoglobin, cancer-specific markers, hormones, immunoglobulin and specific albumins.

Automatic free-access immunochemiluminiscent analyzer uses Advia Centaur CP test tube technology and performs diagnostics of infectious diseases, a full range of hormonal testings, detects cancer-specific markers, vitamins and specific albumins. Full automation and high technologies are combined in Sysmex CA-560 coagulometer. Two measurement methods are combined in one device.

Rapidpoint 405 and Rapidlab 1265 arterial blood gas and acid-base balance analyzers allow rapidly specifying the main vital signs of homeostasis in patients being in critical condition.

The presence of twin-set laboratory equipment from the same supplier guarantees 24-hours smooth running with high results correlation obtained on different analyzers.


Julia Stashko
Head of the division, doctor of the clinical pathology laboratory. She has 10-years’ administration.

Maria Shneider
Doctor of the clinical pathology laboratory.

Larissa Gladilina
Doctor of the clinical pathology laboratory. She is a quality control specialist.

Medical technicians of the Laboratory diagnostics division.