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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Surgery block

Оперблок ФГБУ "ФЦН" г. Новосибирск

Neurosurgical procedures are the most difficult ones among all the types of surgery because brain is the control center of the whole human body. That is why any type of operations on certain areas of central and peripheral nervous system is the most complicated and highly important process either for a surgeon or for each patient. The keystone for success in the neurosurgeon’s activities is combination of perfect theoretical training, practical experience, existence of modern high-technological equipment and a special environment among the staff – which is an integral part of success. 

The staff of the surgery block is a single team whose goal is to provide all the types of neurosurgical procedures. Those who take part in the surgical procedures – surgeons, surgical nurses, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and practical nurses are one strong unit, a very complicated mechanism united by the love for their profession and by the share objective – to everything possible and even impossible to help our patients.

In course of the last 10 years a significant progress was found in creation of OR satisfying the strongest requirements on equipping and keeping sterility in the premises. A special ventilation system is the main element of nosocomial purulent-septic diseases prevention. Directed laminar air flow prevents seepage of air flows to operation hall from neighboring premises. Such ORs belong to departments of the highest cleanest category according to the applicable estimation scale of clean premises. Thanks to precise zoning to “sterile” and “non-sterile” parts, the risk of non-sterile objects penetration into ORs is fully eliminated. Each OR is a fully isolated system of premises and air circuits with built-in block of filters and sterilizing agents.

ORs fitted with the most modern equipment allow performing operations of any difficulty. Combination of modern variants of sterility maintenance in the surgery block with the use of the whole range of the latest generation devices and instruments increases the quality of surgical care provision, decreases the risk of complications expansion, cuts the time of the patient’s staying in the hospital and as a consequence, improves life quality of the patient in the post-op period.

The surgery block of the Federal Center is a focal point of the latest achievements in the sphere of construction and equipping of the medical establishments of the international standard.

There are 5 OR in the surgery block. Four of them are designed for open and minimally invasive surgeries, the 5th one is an angiographic OR equipped with a powerful Siemens angiograph of the latest generation for performing minimally invasive intravascular operations in diagnostics and treatment of cerebral vessels pathologies and other disorders of the CNS. All the premises are identical and are a complex of premises. The total area of each complex of premises being a part of one OR, is more than 200 sq.m.

All ORs are equipped with telemedicine system consisting of video cameras and dynamics placed in each OR. There is an opportunity to connect the devices equipped with their own cameras (microscopes, endoscopic stands). This allows watching the surgical procedures online, commenting on them, holding online conferences either inside the neurosurgical center, or transmits outwards. The surgical block is fitted with the necessary surgical and the most modern diagnostic equipment, up-to-date multifunctional surgical tables, ceiling anesthetic and surgical console tables.  All the ORs have modern neurosurgical microscopes from Zeiss and Leica companies. Ultrasonic Soering destructors, power units and Aesculap sets of instruments, coagulation systems from Storz and Erbe, KLS Martin medical laser, Radionix  navigation stations, endoscopic equipment from Storz and Aesculap companies, C-arches from Siemens company suitable for 3D-modelling – all these devices allow performing all types of neurosurgical procedures in the cases of central and peripheral nervous systems pathologies, pathologies of spinal column, neurological diseases demanding of surgical interference. The use of a Nicolet station for monitoring brain and spinal cord activities and also activities of the peripheral nervous system during the surgical procedures allows minimizing or fully excluding additional traumas of the functionally significant structures of the CNS that improves the results of surgical treatment and allows increasing life quality of patients in post-op period.


Anton Kalinovsky

The Head of the surgery block, neurosurgeon, Candidate of medical sciences. 8-years of work-experience.

He has 36 scientific publications; he is a co-author of 1 intentional patent.  Doctor Kalinovsky undertook internship in the neurosurgical division of Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea in 2009.

The sphere of his professional interest is a microsurgery of brain and spinal cord tumors, microsurgery of skull base, surgical treatment of craniocerebral traumas, traumas of peripheral nerves, surgical treatment of abnormal development, brain dropsy of different origin.

Nursing staff of the Surgery block.