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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Central Sterile Division

The Central Sterile Division is the most important structural division of the modern surgical hospital that is intended to provide the OR and clinical divisions with sterile medical goods; to improve safety of the patients and staff; to reduce the expenditures for non-specific preventive measures of hospital infections.

The latest technical innovations and newest methods of disinfection, presterilization processing and sterilization of medical goods are fixed in our Center allowing prevention of hospital infections extension. All the equipment is provided by Swedish concern “GETINGE” which is the largest world manufacturer of sterilization equipment. These are not only sterilizers, steam disinfectors but also suprasonic cleaners, heat inducting seal liners, storage and transportation systems and many other devices that allow performing activities on a high professional level conforming to the rules and norms of infection control.

Modern concepts of infection control are based on the barrier principle: strict distinction of “dirty” and “clean” zones. Preliminary processing of the medical goods in our Center is performed in the “dirty” zone with the help of suprasonic washing basins and modern disinfecting and washing machines of pre-vacuum type. The used instruments are distributed on special nets and trays, are placed in the washing machine in the “dirty” zone and when they are processed and disinfected, they are delivered to the “clean” zone. Isolation of these two zones excludes occasional contamination of the processed instruments.

Alternative program combinations guarantee necessary quality of cleaning and disinfection in accordance with all applicable standards.

Medical instruments and goods being disinfected and washed are sterilized in “GETINGE” autoclaves that allow high sterilization quality, precision of the full cycle fulfilment which status is constantly controlled by the display.

Chamber disinfection is one of the significant elements of antimicrobial measures. Disinfection is performed after discharging of each and every patient and is obligatory for antisepsis of cotton, wool, cloth, leather goods, and also mattresses, blankets, pillows, documents, books, etc. The automatic steam disinfector is equipped with horizontal and sliding door. It combines high productivity with economic efficiency; it’s fitted with controllers that facilitate the devices’ maintenance.

“STERRAD” low-temperature sterilize systems is developed for providing highest modern sterilization standards with the usage of time-proved technologies. Such sterilization method is safe for instruments, has minimal restrictions on construction of instruments being sterilized. This allows extending the period of medical instruments use and reducing the expenditures for repairing. This method is the most efficient one thanks to its high penetrating power. It is destined for quick and careful processing of instruments and equipment especially high-technological and expensive instruments such as optical devices, endoscopes, video cameras, videoscopes, instruments for microsurgery, electrical and electronic devices, polymeric goods, etc.

As far as endoscopic manipulations become more applicable, the risk of infection rises. To solve this question, the specialists of our Center use “ENDOCLINS-NSX” automatic device for endoscopes’ processing. High level disinfection processes’ automation guarantees high handling results. Integrated system performs the handling of all modifications of modern endoscopes, has built-in reporting system, and preserves standard high-level disinfection process for protection of patients’ and staff’s health.

We do care about safety of our patients!