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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Anesthesiology and reanimation division

Отделение анестезиологии и реанимации ФГБУ "ФЦН" г. Новосибисрк

Anesthesiology and reanimation division of the Federal Neurosurgical Center is a creative team of associates having completed trainings in the largest neurosurgical centers of the country and having great experience in different spheres of emergency and targeted medical care. There are spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with up-to-date medical devices, excellent and solid facilities, all necessary medication and consumables but what is the most important – harmonious staff aimed at achieving optimal results – bringing back our patients to normal and full life.

To make a surgical procedure as more comfortable as possible for a patient, we prefer to “accompany” him to dormant state. For small and short-term procedures we use such medication dosage that induces unsound and short sleep; deeper sedation may be necessary for more serious and long-term procedures. For that purpose we use modern medications controlling the depth and length of the sleep – Propofol, Sevofluran, Midazolam. They provide quick falling asleep, controlled sleep and mild recovery. The basic method of general anesthesia is endovenous dormitive and pain medications administering that can be supplemented with controlled lung ventilation and application of inhalative anesthetic agents. To be better prepared for the on-coming anesthesia, we kindly request you to review the brief patient’s instruction before the general anesthesia.

Our division is equipped with the most modern devices such as respiratory systems (Evita) and anesthesia devices (Primus, Fabius) manufactured by Draeger, Germany; monitors for long-term monitoring the vital functions of the body (Philips, Holland; General Electric, the USA); endovenous infusions systems (Fresenius, Germany); comfortable functional beds (Merivaara, Finland).  All this allows providing high level of anesthetic support and intensive therapy corresponding to the world standards.

The staff of the division consists of highly professional specialists having adequate experience in critical conditions treatment. There are 15 doctors of high qualification grades, specialists in treatment of patients of different ages and conditions severity.  Experienced and careful nurses, tidy ward attendants will provide our patients with care and will do their best to make the patients’ staying in our hospital maximally comfortable.


Vsevolod Luchansky
The head of the division, anesthesiologist and emergency physician of the highest grade. Relevant professional experience since 1992, specialization on neuro-anesthesiology and neuro-reanimation on the basis of St.-Petersburg Naval Academy named after Kirov; on peri-operative management of high-risk patients on the basis of Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education, S.-Petersburg: intensive therapy of neurosurgical patients in the Sklifosofsky’s Institute, Moscow. He is a co-author of the patient for invention “Forecasting method of cerebral ischemia”, author of several articles on neuroanesthesiology and neuro emergency care.

Vladimir Scherbitsky


He started his working activities in 2007 and now he specializes in anesthesiology and intensive therapy in childhood.

Anna Novikova


She has 3 years’ experience in this specialty. She took her postgraduate education in the Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education in Moscow and took specialty in intensive therapy of neurosurgical patience in Sklifosovsky’s Institute, Moscow.

Natalia Kiriek

Intensivist of the highest grade.

She started her specialty working activities in 1982. She had specialization in anesthesiology and intensive care of children, further education courses in the leading medical institutions of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Minsk. She is the author of 18 scientific articles.

Ilya Denisov


He is a graduate of Novosibirsk State Medical Academy. Clinical internship training in “Anesthesiology and Intensive Care” specialty in Novosibirsk State Regional Clinical Hospital. He has 3 years’ experience in pediatrics. He finished his clinical studies on radio diagnostics and has specialization in neuro radiology. Up to 2012 he was a member of children’s resuscitation team. He took part in different scientific and research conferences.

Vladimir Gromatsky


He has 6 years’ relevant professional experience. He took his internship in “Anesthesiology and Intensive Care” specialty. From 2009 till 2012 he has been working in the intensive care unit of burning injury. He has working experience either with children or adults. He was participant of inter-regional scientific and practical conferences.

Evgeny Kombantsev

Intensivist of the highest grade, Candidate o Medicine.

He is the co-author of 30 scientific articles and 4 invention patents.

Nikita Fedorenko

Intensivist of the highest grade.

He has 18 years’ experience. He took his postgraduate studies in anesthesiology and cardio surgery.

Irina Pen'kova

Intensivist of the highest grade.

She started her working activities in 1998, she’s a Candidate of medicine, the author of 30 scientific papers; she’s a specialist in the sphere of pain relief in vascular surgery.

Evgeniya Nerush
Intensivist. She’s been in the profession since 2009. She has a work experience with new born children; she has a specialization in pediatrics and neonatal anesthesiology and intensive care.

Evgeny Alekseev

Intensivist of the highest grade.

She’s been working in this specialty since 1992, her specialization is anesthesiology and intensive care, substitutive renal therapy. She has experience in extra and planned intensive therapy, anesthetic support in faciomaxillary and traumatologic operations.

Irina Volobueva
Intensivist. She has been working in her specialty since 1996. She has a specialization in therapy and cardiology; she also has experience in emergency actions to surgical patients.

Marina Vishegorodseva
Intensivist. Her working activities started in 2005. She has experience of hemodiafiltration sessions carrying out with the help of Prismaflex apparatus.

Natalia Lis

Intensivist of the highest grade.

She has different certificates on general anesthesiology and intensive care, anesthesiology and intensive care in pediatrics. She has working experience as intensivist in multi-profile clinic. She manages modern methods of pain relief and intensive therapy in patients of all ages, with different surgical pathology and co-existent diseases.

Oksana Zasedateleva
Transfusiologist of the highest grade; she has been working on this specialty since 1992. She took her specializations in different clinics. She is a specialist in intraoperational blood loss replacement, transfusiological tactics release in difficult situations.

Roman Turygin


He is a graduate of the Siberian State Medical University of Tomsk. He took his clinical studies in “Anesthesiology and Intensive Care” specialty in Novokuznetsk. He specialized in anesthesiology and intensive care in pediatrics in St.-Petersburg; in transfusiology in Novokuznetsk. He was a participant of “Actual Issues of Surgical Infections in Surgery and Intensive Therapy” session in Kemerovo.

He has been working as intensivist since 2006. He has experience of emergency actions in patients with neuro- and multisystem traumas.

Evgeniy Karpov


He graduated from Novosibirsk State Medical University and started his working activities in 1991. His specialization is children’s and adults’ anesthesiology, intensive care, substitutive renal therapy.

Nursing staff of the Anesthesiology and reanimation division.