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Visit of Japanese specialists.

Efficient operation of any medical institution is impossible without professional doctors. Medicine is developing quite rapidly, more and more new methods and technologies for the treatment of certain diseases appear every year, so that doctors should keep his eye on the ball and be aware of current events in the world of medicine.

There is no doubt that constant self-training plays an important role in this process, but do not underestimate the social events - various conventions, conferences, exhibitions and other events organized to gather together experts of a particular field of medicine to discuss topical issues and problems.

Such events give doctors a chance to share experiences with colleagues from different medical institutions not only from our country but also from all around the world. Doctors also can make useful contacts, which further lead to a long and fruitful collaboration.

In this section, we will cover upcoming and past events, the organizers or the participants of which are doctors of our Center. And reviews about participation in various activities will be available to read.

We hope that this information will be interesting for our colleagues and will be useful in their future work. We will be glad to see you, colleagues, on medical events!

07 March 2024

On December 11-13, 2014 we hosted the guests from Japan. Representatives from Tokyo Women’s Medical University and specialists from HITACHI Company visited our Center.

During the first day specialists from the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science of Tokyo Women’s Medical University had visited surgery unit of the center and installed OPECT systems, innovative equipment allowing a surgeon all by himself monitoring MRI-scans, neurovisualization data and scans in non-touch mode.

The second day was dedicated to the seminar on Neurooncological issues, i.e. pre-operative planning and surgical treatment of glial tumors, application of modern technologies in course of surgical procedure on removal of brain tumors.

Professor of Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hiroshi Iseki presented his report on the “Concept of Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT)” concerning application of a system allowing constant monitoring, recording and archivation of data received during the surgical procedure and after it. That system allows putting in perspective neurosurgical manipulations contributing to significant safety improving of the surgical procedure. It also helps specifying the reasons of complications, their preventing during further procedures, predicting complications of different surgical procedures, choosing optimal treatment approaches making stress not only on short-term but also on long-term prognosis and also on the patient’s life quality.

In the report “Intraoperative computer-based adjuncts for neurosurgery” Kitaro Yoshimitsu, medical engineer of the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science (Tokyo Women’s Medical University) told the audience about application of computer technologies during the surgical procedure, facilitating the surgeon’s goals, advancing the surgical procedure’s fate and increasing survivability of patients with brain gliomas.

Yoshiyuki Konishi, employee of the Institute of Advanced Biomedical engineering and Science (TWMU) in the report on “Image analysis systems for neurosurgery” showed the examples of 3D programs application for surgical procedure planning in brain tumors.

Mikhail Chernov Mikhail Chernov, Assistant Professor (Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science, TWMU) made an emphasis on application of magnetic resonance spectroscopy for targeting during neuro-oncological procedures.

Report of Professor Yoshihiro Muragaki (TWMU) on “Intraoperative MRI and other technological adjuncts for aggressive management of intracranial gliomas” was dedicated to application of aggressive management of intracranial gliomas with maximal salvage of functional zones. During the report Professor Muragaki presented clinical cases.

Kazunori Waragayu, representative of “HITACHI” company, presented his report on advantages of low-filed intraoperational MRI application. (“Low-filed intraoperative MRI “Hitachi”: current status and future perspectives”).

Takahiro Shioyama told the audience about application of flow cytometry for fast identification of tumor in the biopsy specimen.

Further collaboration perspectives and also issues concerning realization of joint scientific projects were discussed during the visit of Japanese guests.