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“Surgical brain revascularization” workshop.

Efficient operation of any medical institution is impossible without professional doctors. Medicine is developing quite rapidly, more and more new methods and technologies for the treatment of certain diseases appear every year, so that doctors should keep his eye on the ball and be aware of current events in the world of medicine.

There is no doubt that constant self-training plays an important role in this process, but do not underestimate the social events - various conventions, conferences, exhibitions and other events organized to gather together experts of a particular field of medicine to discuss topical issues and problems.

Such events give doctors a chance to share experiences with colleagues from different medical institutions not only from our country but also from all around the world. Doctors also can make useful contacts, which further lead to a long and fruitful collaboration.

In this section, we will cover upcoming and past events, the organizers or the participants of which are doctors of our Center. And reviews about participation in various activities will be available to read.

We hope that this information will be interesting for our colleagues and will be useful in their future work. We will be glad to see you, colleagues, on medical events!

27 March 2024

On November 10-14, 2014 “Surgical brain revascularization” workshop under the leadership of Scientific Director of the center Vladimir V.Krylov was held in the Federal Neurosurgical Center.


12 students from different parts of our country took part in the workshop. The Center visited doctors from St.-Petersburg, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Murmansk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul and from Bashkiria.


The classes were hold by the trainers from N.V.Sklifosovsky Scientific and Research Institute of First Aid (Moscow) and by specialists of our Center. The students attended a basic course of lectures on brain revascularization. Every day after the lectures there was a 5-hours microsurgical training on microvascular suture appliance on agents and laboratory animals.

During the course there were 2 surgeon’s show cases: 2 carotid endarterectomy with different techniques and different types of anesthesia, 2 extra-intracranial micro anastomosis from different approaches. There also was a joint surgical procedure on severe fusiform aneurysm of M1 segment of medial cerebral artery with the use of microsurgical equipment.


On completion of the course all the participants were awarded with certificated from “Aesculap Academy” (an International School of post-graduate education).