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A Neurosurgical conference in Belgrade

17 January 2023

A very interesting neurosurgical conference was held during December 7-10, 2022 in Belgrade (Serbia). It was a joint meeting of the Serbian Association of Neurosurgeons, Military Medical Academy of Serbia and Neurosurgical Association of South-Eastern Europe countries.

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There were 2 participants from Russia representing our Center – Dr.Andrey V.Dubovoy and Dr.Jamil A.Rzaev. The conference program was very eventful. There were many invited guests and speakers from Japan, India, the USA, countries of Western Europe. The reports were devoted not only to military neurosurgery. A special attention was drawn to the fact that the people from neighboring countries who had been in the condition of intermutual desolation a short while ago sat at the same table and discussed the problems of mine-explosive, shrapnel and bullet injuries with brain and spine damage. Not long ago our middle-aged colleagues when they were young rendered their medical aid to the wounded in the Yugoslav war and now they discussed scientific aspects of neurosurgical help in cases of different injuries. It impressed the audience greatly. Wars do not stop and the colleagues from different countries presented their reports based on the materials of new conflicts.

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Strange as it may seem, such conferences give us hope for the future. Apart from us, representatives of academic and medical society, nobody else could be the first to reach out a hand to a colleague from an opposite side and to discuss a problem but no to kill each other. That is the way the doctor wags. One more thing - the first slide opening the conference started with the phrase “War is Hell” and this was the keynote of the meeting.

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