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Neurosurgery in School Educational Programs

Neurosurgery in School Educational Programs
17 January 2023

It’s not for the first time when the specialists of our Center participate in various social and educational campaigns held by the schools of Novosibirsk and neighboring towns. Usually it is as follows: the speaker is invited to school to meet upper-form pupils from specialized classes (medical- and chemical-biological). During 1 – 1,5 hours the speaker tells the audience about medical education, medical routine, about qualities that are necessary to become a doctor. All the doctors of our Center do not have any teaching experience at the secondary school by contrast with higher school (many specialists of our Center are the employees of the University, Medical Institute and Academic Institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). All the surgeons, radiologists and other specialists do not refuse to immense into school atmosphere. The dialog with children is always vivid, candid and sometimes critical.

Children always have quick senses of false and untruth. There is no sense to dally and start prettifying everyday routine of our profession. It seems that children audience is the most sensible to cheating, untruth and other dirty work. The doctors of the Center will continue taking part in school educational programs and to host the pupils in the Federal Neurosurgical Center.