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The Meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNeuro” in November 2022

17 January 2023

A regular meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons was held on November 25, 2022. Galina N.Dorovskikh, MD, Professor, Vladimir Y.Usachev, MD, PhD, Andrey Y.Letyagin, MD, PhD and Mikhail E.Amelin presented their reports during the conference.

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The colleagues discussed the issues of post-operational complications in cases of spinal surgery, the issues of artificial intelligence application in medicine in diagnosing of brain tumors, the issues of radioactive diagnostics and usage of perfusion CT in neurooncology.

Each report provoked a vivid discussion. The colleagues also announced some events devoted to X-ray diagnostics planned for 2023:

-       “Current aspects in neurovisualization” (May 24, 2023);

-       “SibNeuro” Meeting (November 24, 2023).

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