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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
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Collaboration with neurosurgical department of the Geneva University clinic


Collaboration with neurosurgical department of the Geneva University clinic

The Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk) has been in collaboration with the neurosurgical department of the Geneva University clinic. Realization of joint academic projects has started with the visit of Professor Karl Schaller, the head of Department. Then the goals and aims of joint professional projects were formulated.

 At present a range of projects is being realized in joint printed issues and planning of new researches. In particular, we are as employees of the Federal Neurosurgical Center and the employees of Geneva clinic realize scientific projects dedicated to studying surgical treatment of pericallosal aneurysms, hydrodynamics of aneurysms, cervical myelopathy and new technologies (augmented and mix reality) in neuromicrosurgery.

A logical continuation of this collaboration was recent 2-weeks’ visit of 2 employees of the Geneva University Clinic, Dr.Aria Nouri and Dr.Julien Haemmerli. Swiss colleagues got acquainted with routine activities of the Center, visited ORs, laboratories, took part in case conferences, discussed complications, etc.


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Our guests were surrounded with care and attention. Aside from working activities in the hospital we offered our guests social program for their evenings and weekends.

According to 2-weeks’ activities new aims, goals and projects were formulated. The next Russian-Swiss meeting is planned for the mid of July 2022 in Novosibirsk and after that our employees will visit Geneva clinic.

In spite of the fact that Novosibirsk and Geneva are far away from each other, we managed to become friends with Aria and Julien and we are always happy to see them again and again.

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