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Visit of Professor Schaller

Visit of Professor Schaller 02/16/2021

Visit of Professor Schaller

During January, 18-22 2021, the President of the European Association of Neurosurgeons (EANS), Professor Karl Schaller, became a guest of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk).

Karl Schaller is Professor and chairman of the department of neurosurgery at the Geneva University Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine since 2007. His main surgical and research interests concern neurovascular surgery, the treatment of epilepsy, and surgery of brain tumors. He receives funding for the development of intra-operative monitoring and imaging technology, and for clinical neurovascular research.

On the first day of the visit, a tour of the Federal Center was organized for the professor, during which he visited the polyclinic department, the department of radiological diagnostics, the operating unit and all neurosurgical departments. The guest was met by the physician-in-chief Jamil Rzaev and acquaint him with the work and equipment of the institution, and also showed and told how various master classes, conferences and seminars are organized at the premises of the Federal Center for Science and Technology (Novosibirsk).

During January, 19-22, the professor gave lectures every day for everyone. Each lecture day was dedicated to a specific section of neurosurgery: 
January 19 - neurooncology;
January 20 - vascular neurosurgery;
January 21 - functional neurosurgery;
January 22 - spinal neurosurgery. 

 Together with the professor, more than 20 clinical examples from the practice of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk) were analyzed.

Professor Schaller's visit aroused great interest in the neurosurgical community: during the lectures and discussion of clinical examples, an active discussion took place, everyone tried to take advantage of the unique opportunity to ask questions of interest. It is important to note that the event was not limited to strict lecture frameworks, there was also enough time for informal communication.

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