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Working visit to Israel hospitals

Working visit to Israel hospitals 04/01/2020

Working visit to Israel hospitals

During February 8-11, 2020 two doctors of our center, Roman V.Khalepa (Head of Surgery Suite) and Vsevolod V.Luchansky (Head of ICU department) have visited 2 hospitals in Israel: Hadassah and Sourasky. The purpose of their visit was to find out about organization of surgery suite and ICU department activities there.

Hadassah and Sourasky hospitals are multipurpose hospitals. Each hospital performs about 36000-37000 surgeries annually. Hadassah and Sourasky hospitals consist of complex of medical and diagnostic buildings. Shopping malls, hotels for patients and their relatives are placed  on the  territories of these hospitals.

 Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov),  Tel Aviv

Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

The features of surgery suite activities include simultaneous work of two nurses during the surgery; medical attendants help nurses and anesthesiologists; cleaning company provides its services in the operating room – all this allows optimizing activities of the OR and reduce the time between surgeries. 


Work-monitoring of ORs for their efficient working and barcode system that helps detecting patients’ transfers in the hospital. Such barcode system also helps charging-off and registering of all consumables. There is a checklist-system for patients’ safety.


The visit was very helpful and as a result we are planning to implement checklist-system in our Center for additional patients’ safety and monitoring of surgery plan.

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