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The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons”

The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons” 06/21/2019

The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons”

Medicine is a special science. It is the closest one to the human because thanks to doctors we treat our ailments, both physical and mental. It’s not by chance many people consider it rather as an art than a science.

A very unusual event, the First Film Festival “Russian Neurosurgeons” was held at the premises of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk) during June 19-20, 2019. This event was dedicated to 90th anniversary of the N. N. Burdenko Institute, the famous and legendary neurosurgical institution, which is probably known to any neurosurgeons in the world.

The Film Festival was dissimilar to a traditional scope of scientific and educational events. It was a warm friends’ welcome, full of memories of significant names in our difficult profession. Apart from this, film viewing was interspersed with scientific analytical reports on the very complicated modern problems of neurooncology, vascular and pediatric neurosurgery.

Despite this scope of the event was unusual and tested for the first time, many visitors came to Novosibirsk from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Barnaul, Chicago (USA). After the event, Professor Leonid Likhterman (the author of the idea of holding the festival) expressed the idea of the possibility of holding the second, the third, etc. neurosurgical film festivals.

An expression that “the meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere” does not at all recapture wonderful atmosphere of this event. In fact, it was a meeting of people of different generations and neurosurgical experience, there were no bosses and subordinates, but there were elder and younger friends and comrades. Several photographs not fully implemented, but nevertheless reflect the informality and warm atmosphere of this event.

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