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Participation of the 5th Russian-Japanese Neurosurgical Symposium.

Participation of the 5th Russian-Japanese Neurosurgical Symposium. 06/28/2016

Participation of the 5th Russian-Japanese Neurosurgical Symposium.

The doctors of our Center participated in the 5th Russian-Japanese Symposium that was held in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia – millennial Kazan. Such meetings are held biennially Russia and Japan by turn to discuss topical issues in neurosurgery, to share experience and tighten the friendly relations. Issues of different specialities such as vascular neurosurgery, neuro oncology, neurovisualization were discussed during the symposium. Not only neurosurgeons and neurologists took part in the symposium, here one could meet medical engineers developing and upgrading surgical equipment systems, pharmacologists working on innovative methods of cerebral tumors treatment. More and more specialists and physicians from different cities of Russia and Japan become participants of this neurosurgical symposium from year to year.

Our Center presented 3 reports during symposium. Dr.Anton V.Kalinovskiy told about experience of OPECT system usage (“OPECT system in the neurosurgical operating theater: 1 year of experience”). 2 posters of Roman V.Khalepa on «Results of surgical treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis of elderly patients» and Galina I.Mojsakon «Familial trigeminal neuralgia in patient with syndrome Roussy-Levy». Were presented.

A new meeting of neurosurgeons and specialists of allied specialities from Japan and Russia was traditionally warm and friendly. It was interesting for all the specialists.

проф Kasuya Hidetoshi.JPG 

Dr.Galina I.Mojsak and Professor Kasuya Hidetoshi.

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