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Results of the XIXth meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNeuro”

Results of the XIXth meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNeuro” 06/09/2016

Results of the XIXth meeting of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNeuro”

On May 27, the XIX meeting of the Association was held at the premises of Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk). The meeting was dedicated to Parkinson's disease, its differential diagnosis with other diseases, and ultrasound (sonography of the substantia nigra). In addition, reports were made on satellite themes. 

The Chairman of the meeting was Alexander Borisovich Dmitriev, head of the Functional Neurosurgical Department of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk). 

The first report "The Differential diagnosis of parkinsonism. Management of patients with Parkinson's disease. The selection of patients for surgical treatment" was read by Anna Vladimirovna Rosinskaya, doctor of higher category, head of the Centre of Extrapyramidal Disorders, Vladivostok. Anna Vladimirovna spoke about the selection of patients for surgery, the necessary complex of inspection, as well as the postoperative management of patients. Anna Vladimirovna shared her experience gained while working in the Center of Extrapyramidal Disorders (Vladivostok). 

The next speaker was Sergey Mikhailovich Rosinskyi, doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics of the highest qualification category with the report on “Transcranial Sonography in Extrapyramidal Diseases”. The report contained information on the characteristics and difficulties of the method for patients with Parkinson's disease. The message of Sergei Mikhailovich caused great interest and provoked questions from the audience. 

Julia Vladimirovna Gulenkova, head of “Medical devices and Information Technology in Health care", Cluster of Biological and medical technology of the SKOLKOVO Fund, continued the meeting "SibNeuro. Her report, Innovative projects, SKOLKOVO Fund and the market of neurosciences” was dedicated to the organization of the work of the Foundation and highlighted main directions of development in the near future. 

The final report of the meeting "Rehabilitation Center "Rassvet (Omsk) - a platform for recovery of motor and cognitive disorders of adults and children", was made by Natella Olegovna Polezhayeva, the head physician of the rehabilitation Centre " Rassvet". Natella Olegovna told about the possibilities of the center, the categories of patients who can undergo rehabilitation in the center and the therapeutic techniques used by professionals in the center. 

The reports were accompanied by discussion and questions from the audience. The XXth meeting of the Association was announced at the end of the event. According to the tradition, all speakers received special souvenirs with symbols of "SibNeuro". 

Photos of the event can be found in the Gallery

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