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Educational course on "Minimally invasive spine surgery”

Educational course on "Minimally invasive spine surgery” 05/25/2016

Educational course on "Minimally invasive spine surgery”

Educational course “Minimally Invasive spine surgery” was held at the premises of Federal Neurosurgical Center under support of Johnson&Johnson company on May 19-20. 

The teachers of the course were: 
  • Vladimir Sergeevich Klimov, a neurosurgeon, PhD, the head of the Spinal Department of the Federal Neurosurgical Center of Novosibirsk;
  • Alexey Vladimirovich Evsyukov, PhD, a neurosurgeon of the Spinal Department; 
  • Vladislav Vladimirovich Kelmakov, a neurosurgeon of the Spinal Department. 
The course program consisted of lectures, development of practical skills in the work with tools on models and demonstrative operations. 
The lecture material was related to accesses with the use of minimally invasive techniques, the benefits and possibilities of minimally invasive spine surgery compared to traditional methods, indications and contraindications to the use of minimally invasive methods of surgical treatment of the spine. The clinical case of a patient with degenerative disease of the lumbar spine was presented. The stages of the operation where doctors used minimally invasive instruments with a description of the method of minimally invasive decompression and stabilization of the spine were discussed in the framework of this case. 

While practicing techniques on models under the guidance of teachers, participants of the course were able to know in detail the purpose and specific capabilities of the instrumemtarium to make an implantation of the holding construction by themselves, and to discuss the intraoperative features of the application of minimally invasive techniques.  

The second day began with the discussion of clinical cases presented by participants of the course. 2 patients with spinal stenosis due to degenerative spondylolisthesis L3 1 degree with the syndrome of compression of nerve roots of the spinal cord in the first case and isthimic spondylolisthesis L4 1 degree with the syndrome of compression of nerve roots of the spinal cord in the second case were prepared for demonstrative operations. Both patients underwent surgical treatment – decompression of spinal roots was accomplished by posterior parasagittal access. Interbody fusion and transcutaneous, transpedicular fixation with polyaxial screws were accomplished by using TLIF method. The course participants had the opportunity to observe the implementation of minimally invasive surgical treatment, to ask questions directly in the operating room during the operation or in the conference room to where the broadcast of the operation was streamed. 

Course participants were physicians-neurosurgeons from Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk. 

The event ended with a ceremonial presentation of certificates and greeting participants. 

Photos of the event posted in the Gallery.

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