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The report of hospital physicians on interning in Federal Neurosurgical Center of Novosibirsk

The report of hospital physicians on interning in Federal Neurosurgical Center of Novosibirsk 05/10/2016

The report of hospital physicians on interning in Federal Neurosurgical Center of Novosibirsk

Siberian association of neurosurgery “SibNeuro” supports newly qualified neurosurgeons and encourages the organization of free internings. The report of Ekaterina Igorevna Potaykina and Ekaterina Ivanovna Balahonova who are hospital physicians of Irkutsk State Academy of postgraduate education on three-month interning in Novosibirsk Federal Neurosurgical Center. 

“Over the period of three months we have visited functional neurosurgery, vascular neurosurgery and neuro-oncology departments”. 

Functional neurosurgery department is the one of unique departments for our country where specialists deal with medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease, spastic syndrome, medicamentally-resistant form of epilepsy, pain syndrome and circumferential nervus and plexus trauma. We have had the possibility to see the deep brain stimulation applied for Parkinson’s disease medical treatment, spinal cord stimulation and vagus nerve stimulation. 

“Simpler, faultless, faster, keeping the normal anatomy”. Speaking about the neuro-oncology department one cannot but recall these words said by Juha Hernesniemi. Since first days of our presence in this department Sergey Vladimirovich Chernov and Anton Vladimirovich Kalinovskiy amazed us by demonstrating their incredible surgical technique. Hardest operations are carried out almost with the assistance of only two appliances: suction tube and bipolar forceps. There benevolent and tranquil atmosphere in operating room where every member of operating team knows his work and notable for high professional level. The doctors of this department have completely changed our perspective on neurosurgery in the direction of smaller skin incisions and craniotomies. Apart from that standing activity allows you to freely work with the microscope and quickly change the plane angle. The use of neuronavigation and neurophysiological monitoring during surgery makes it possible to achieve excellent results. 

From 28.03 through 30.04 we undertook an internship in vascular compartment of Federal Neurosurgical Center headed by talented neurosurgeon Andrey Vladimirovich Dubovoy. The types of surgical interference carried out in this department are performed using neuronavigation, monitoring and ultrasonic doplerography. Experienced doctors use modern microsurgical equipment that makes it possible to reduce the level of surgical aggression, improves overall safety and effectiveness of the operation. Andrey Vladimirovich managed to unite the experienced professionals who possess deep knowledge and conduct even the most complex operations. The Department is actively developing method of revascularization of the brain, creation of anastomosis (ektra-intracranial, intra-intracranial) to compensate for possible ischemic disorders. We were lucky to observe several operations where without the creation of anastomoses in a patient it would be expected a significant neurological deficit, but the skillful hands of the doctors did not let this happen. While in the vascular compartment, we have learned a lot in terms of diagnostics and surgical treatment of vascular pathology of the brain. 
Special attention is paid to the training of hospital physicians and young doctors. At the FNC premises there is a laboratory equipped with microscopes, where everyone can practice skills not only on natural but also on artificial material. In addition, during our stay at the FNC there were two drilling courses, which included lectures on power equipment in neurosurgery and practicing skills in the use of craniotomy and a variety of cutters to perform accesses on the back bone and the skull. Every Saturday the center's specialists gave lectures on various topics of neurosurgery. FNC impresses with its excellent conditions for staff and patients, high technology and first-rate professionals.

“We want express special gratitude to Jamil Afetovich Rzayev for the opportunity to work and learn at the FNC premises for three months, as well as to all the staff of the center for the excellent attitude to us, the kindness and responsiveness. 

 In order to participate in the internship program and to apply for residence in a service apartment, contact the representatives of the Siberian Association of neurosurgeons via e-mail or by phone +7(383)349-83-98.

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