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The XVth Jubilee All-Russian Research and Practice Conference “Polenov’s Readings”.

The XVth Jubilee All-Russian Research and Practice Conference “Polenov’s Readings”. 04/20/2016

The XVth Jubilee All-Russian Research and Practice Conference “Polenov’s Readings”.

This year “Polenov’s Readings” were held for the 15th jubilee time and they were dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Russian Research Neurosurgical Institute named after Professor A.L.Polenov.

This annual conference is one of the considerable and significant events for neurosurgeons in Russia.

During the first day there was a film on the history of foundation and development of the institute, its achievements and present possibilities. Scientific sessions of this year were dedicated to different spheres of neurosurgery and related professions: pediatric neurosurgery, degenerative spine diseases, neurosurgical pathology of brain vessels, tumors of brain and spine, functional and reconstructive neurosurgery, epilepsy, neurovisualization, neuro anesthesiology and intensive care, neuro rehabilitation.

6 specialists presented our Center at the conference:

  • Dzhamil A.Rzaev, Physician-in-Chief of the Federal Neurosurgical Center. He presented reports on “Surgical removal of petroclival meningiomas by retro sigmoidal approach: variants of distention, level of tumor resection, functional outcomes, complications”  and “Later supraorbital approach in surgery of pathology of anterior cranial fossa and chiasmocellar zone”;
  • Galina I.Mojsak, neurologist of the Center with a report on “Signs of trigeminal nerve affection in case of neurovascular conflict in patients with trigeminal neuralgia according to 3Tesla MRI”;
  • Ilya L.Denisov, intensivist with a report on “Convulsive disorder after endoscopic fenestration of the 3rd ventricular floor in children younger than a year”;
  • Vitaly S.Kiselev, neurosurgeon of neurovascular division with reports on: “Results of treatment and hemorrhagic complications in endovascular surgery of cerebral arteriovenous malformations” and “Application of low-profile Lvis Jr. stent in surgery of “complex” cerebral aneurysms”;
  • Dmitry Y.Rodov, a neurosurgeon of functional division with a report on “Complications of surgical treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy”;
  • Vladimir F.Gromatsky, intensivist with a report on “Vertical adjustment of patients as a component of early rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke in intensive care ward”.

According to a tradition, a Plenary Session of Board of Directors of Russian Neurosurgeons Association

Was held in the framework of a conference. During the session current issues in the sphere of postgraduate education of neurosurgeons were discussed. Recommendations for clinical activities were reviewed. The program of the conference also included EANS course dedicated to current issues of vascular neurosurgery that included lectures of the leading specialists from European countries. There was a competition of young scientists in the framework of the conference. Besides, there was a workshop on treatment of brain gliomas.

This year jubilee conference “Polenov’s Readings” was a festive event where specialists in neurosurgery could share their practical experience and scientific achievements.


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