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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Free medical consultations of FNC’s neurosurgeons.

Free medical consultations of FNC’s neurosurgeons. 10/28/2015

Free medical consultations of FNC’s neurosurgeons.

Top neurosurgeons of our Hospital regularly visit the neighboring regions and remote areas of Novosibirsk region to provide free consultations and select patients. 

 Over the past 2 months neuro-oncologists, functional neurosurgeons and vascular neurosurgeons made 3 working visits to Altai region, 20% of their patients needed high-tech medical care. All of these patients were treated in our Hospital. 

From September to October, the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics and a vascular surgeon has made several trips to remote areas of Novosibirsk Region for examination of patients with high risk of atherosclerotic vascular lesions to detect diseases at early stage. On October 29 free consultation will be held in Kupino (Central District Hospital), and on October 30 in Karasuk. The patients with pathology of brachiocephalic vessels will be offered consultations. 

Neurosurgeons of our Hospital are ready to cooperate with medical institutions in all regions of Siberian Federal District, and provide free consultations. For cooperation on this issue, please call +7 ( 383) 349-83-98 or email

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