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Six-month experience with the use of computer system OPECT.

Six-month experience with the use of computer system OPECT. 06/14/2015

Six-month experience with the use of computer system OPECT.

The implementation of OPECT technology in one of the operating theaters of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk) took place in December 2014 as a part of the joint Russian-Japanese research project. Of note, OPECT is Japanese computer-aided device for control of the image-displaying monitor in non-touch mode, which allows for the surgeon to view the images under sterile intraoperative conditions without any external help. Six months later we summarize our experience with the use of this technology: 

"From January to August 2015 OPECT was used during 73 neurosurgical procedures, directed on resection of intracranial meningiomas (26 cases), craniopharyngiomas (6 cases), pituitary adenomas (17 cases), vestibular schwannomas (2 cases), glial brain tumors (19 cases), and on microvascular decompression of the trigeminal nerve (3 cases). All the doctors of our hospital are well satisfied with the use of OPECT and found it very helpful during various neurosurgical procedures. It definitely increases the speed of intraoperative decision-making and leads to more effective perfomance of neurosurgeons.  If previously it was necessary to leave the operating table many times to visualize images and spend significant amount of time to reveal the necessary neuroimaging data,  now the work became much faster and easierWe are grateful to our Japanese colleagues for having OPECT" - says Anton Kalinovsky, Head of the OR of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk). Such innovations will certainly result in greater quality of our work, and its constant improvement for the benefit of patients is our everyday goal.




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