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Doctors of the Center participated in Polenov’s Readings.

Doctors of the Center participated in Polenov’s Readings. 04/24/2015

Doctors of the Center participated in Polenov’s Readings.

From 15 to 17 April, the XIV All-Russian Conference “Polenov’s Readings” was held in Saint Petersburg. 

Five FNC’s specialists acted at the conference:

Jamil A. Rzaevhead doctor of Federal Neurosurgical Center;

Galina I. Moisak – neurologist;

Roman V. Halepa – neurosurgeon of Spinal division;

Artem M. Perfil’ev – neurosurgeon of Vascular division;

Ekaterina V. Gormolysova – neurosurgeon of Oncological division.

For doctors conference began with participation in the master class "Embolization of complex aneurysms" of Vitor Mendes Pereira - a neurosurgeon from Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada. Dr. Pereira presented the results of an extensive study of his own results of treatment of giant aneurysms. Master class was the basis of interesting discussions and productive communication.

On April, 16 conference continued with education courses of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS). Specialists from Switzerland, Germany, Norway, the UK, France, Italy and Israel presented their lectures. Some interesting clinical cases were conducted during the training.

On the same day Roman Halepa spoke at the session "Degenerative-dystrophic spinal diseases. Peripheral nervous system" about "Evaluation of the immediate results of decompressive surgery in stenosis of the lumbar spine of elderly patients" (co-authored by Klimov V., Rzayev D., Yevsyukov A., Loparev E., and Vasilenko I.).

At the session "Cerebrovascular diseases" Artem Perfil’ev presented his report "Endovascular treatment of aneurysms of the vertebrobasilar system" (co-authored by Kiselyov V., Dubovoy A., Savello A., Kandiba D.).

On April, 17 at the session «Epilepsy. Functional and reconstructive neurosurgery" results of her own research presented Moisak Galina on the theme "Preoperative planning of microvascular decompression in patients with trigeminal neuralgia" (co-authored by Rzayev D., Amelin M.) and Rzaev Jamil report the research "Application of microvascular decompression of trigeminal nerve root in patients of senile age group with trigeminal neuralgia" (co-authored by Kulikova E., Moisak G., Denisova N., Rogov D.).

In addition to the sessions and plenary sessions the conference program included Course for young neuro-oncologists and session "Young neuro-oncologist Award". Gormolysova Ekaterina represented our Centre at the competition with the theme "Problems of treatment of brain tumors in patients with primary multiple tumors" (co-authored by Rzayev D., Dmitriev A., Chernov S., Kalinovsky A., Zotov A., Uzhakov E.).

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