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The IIIrd Session of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNEURO”.

The IIIrd  Session of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNEURO”. 02/03/2015

The IIIrd Session of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons “SibNEURO”.

On January 30, 2015 there was a meeting of the members of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons. The Chairman of the meeting became the Head Doctor of the Federal Neurosurgical Center Jamil Rzaev.

A.G.Kalinichev, Professor of Omsk State Medical Academy was the first to present his report on “Normotensive hydrocephalus”. In his report professor Kalinichev told about ethiology, development mechanism of such disease as normotensive hydrocephalus. Professor Kalinichev provided the audience with some statistics concerning the quantity of patients in Russia and in the world and also about the quantity of surgical procedures performed in Omsk. He paid particular attention to the diagnostics of patients with  normotensive hydrocephalus, to Tap test in details.

The second report on “Multiagent Immunotherapy of Gliomas” became a joint work of Professor Elena R.Chernykh (the Chief of cellular immunotherapy laboratory, Scientific and Research Institute of Clinical Immunology) and Sergey V.Mishinov (a neurosurgeon of Novosibirsk Scientific and Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedy, Novosibirsk). Dr.Mishinov started his report with a theoretical part. He told about such tumors’ appearance, about the consequences of actions in their diagnostics and treatment. Applying to different methods of therapy, Dr.Mishinov paid attention to optional methods such as immunotherapy.

Professor Elena Chernykh started her part of the report with treatment of intracerebral gliomas by dendritic and cellular vaccines. The lector made evaluation of immunotherapy as a perspective of glioblastoma treatment effectiveness. She also told about targeted medications in treatment. Particular attention was paid to clinical tests of DK-vaccines in malignant gliomas in the leading medical centers of the USA, Belgium, Italy, China, Japan and Spain.

Dr.Mishinov shared the results of research on DK and DK-vaccines that has been carried out for more than 10 years already in Novosibirsk Institute of fundamental and clinical immunology together with Novosibirsk Scientific and Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedy, and further plans of research in Novosibirsk.

The third report on the “Surgery of hemorrhagic stroke” was presented by Vladimir G.Dashyan, Professor of neurosurgical and neurointensive care department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I.Evdokimov. This is a topical subject and it raised a lot of questions from the audience. The colleagues from Omsk, Irkutsk and Novokuznetsk shared their observations and told about their own experience in performing of such surgical procedures. Professor Dashyan noted that the quantity of patients being operated on about hemorrhagic stroke in Russia is small; it doesn’t exceed 15% from the minimal quantity that should be operated. There are even less patients that had been operated by less traumatic methods. Many regions do not have opportunity to perform surgical procedures with the help of neuronavigation and endoscopy. Professor Dashyan told in details about such methods of surgical procedures as endoscopic aspiration, paracentetic aspiration and localized fibrinolysis. He pointed out some advantages of these methods over open surgery. The second part of his report was dedicated to his own experience of hemorrhagic stroke surgery.

In the end of the session the results of young specialists’ competition were announced (the competition was held among the participants of the Siberian Association of Neurosurgeons).

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