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Monthly Meeting of the Students’ Neurosurgical Club

Monthly Meeting of the Students’ Neurosurgical Club 04/21/2018

Monthly Meeting of the Students’ Neurosurgical Club

A regular meeting of the students’ neurosurgical club was held on April 19 at the premises of the Federal Neurosurgical Center. The April meeting was dedicated to surgical treatment of craniosynostosis. Traditionally, the first who presented the report was a representative of the students’ community. This time it was Anna Prokaeva, a student from Novosibirsk State University. Then the members of the club discussed the topic together with a neurosurgeon of pediatric division of the Federal Neurosurgical Center, Sergey A.Kim. In the end meeting there was a discussion of this disease clinical cases from the experience of the Center.


The meetings of the students’ club are always very active, students, residents and also the doctors of the Center are involved in the club’s activities. We are sure that such intensive activities of the students’ club at the premises of our Center will positively reflect on the level of competence of prospective doctors.

The next meeting of the club will be held on May 17 at 5 p.m. and it will be dedicated to the “Surgery of peripheral nervous system”. All interested specialists and students are invited to the meeting.


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