Novosibirsk, st. Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 132/1

Practical course " Microvascular anastomosis"

22 September 2019
Practical course " Microvascular anastomosis" will be held on October, 22-24 at the premises of the Federal Neurosurgical Center in Novosibirsk.

Faculties of the course:

  • Andrey V. Dubovoy, Head of neurovascular division of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk);
  • Dmitriy M. Galaktionov, MD, vascular Neurosurgeon;
  • Kostantin S. Ovsyannikov, vascular Neurosurgeon ;
  • Anatoly V. Bervitskiy, vascular Neurosurgeon.

    Maximal number of Participants: 10.
    Registration is closed.