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The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons”

The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons”
01 April 2019

The First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons” will be held during June 19-20, 2019 at the premises of Federal Neurosurgical Centre (Novosibirsk) in the framework of the Siberian Association of neurosurgeons and together with Professor Leonid B. Likhterman.

Medicine is a special science. It is the closest one to the human because thanks to doctors we treat our ailments, both physical and mental. It’s not by chance many consider it rather as an art than a science.

The film festival about medicine, in particular about the history of neurosurgery is aimed at the widest audience. We invite neurosurgeons, young specialists, residents, specialists in related professions, students of medical universities.

The aim of the Event is to gather interested people together, share experience, look back to the past of medicine, pay tribute to great neurosurgeons and strengthen our small neurosurgical society during free communication.

During the First Film Festival „Russian Neurosurgeons” we intend to make historical immersion, survey neurosurgical origins and anchors, its discoveries, knowledge, achievements in medicine.

We invite all interested specialists to the first neurosurgical film festival, to an unexpectedly alternative event, following the Hippocrates pronouncement: “Not only the doctor himself should use everything that is necessary for the deal, but also the patient, and the surrounding, and all external circumstances should help the doctor in his work.”

We expect from the participants an informal communication on medicine, combining professional and spiritual experience.

Research- and documentary films and other film documents with medical topic have enduring value for the history of medicine and medical care.

They help to save the image of outstanding medical scholar and their methods of work, make it possible to reconstruct documentarily the development trends of some directions in medicine.

Within these two days the guests of the event could be fully immersed in the neurosurgical history, learn about lives of such great neurosurgeons as N.N. Egorov, A.A. Arendt, F.A. Serbinenko and some others.

The First Film Festival program also includes lectures that will be presented by Leonid B. Likhterman and neurosurgeons of the Federal Neurosurgical Center (Novosibirsk).

We invite you to share and celebrate together our professional holiday among colleagues and friends, to share experience and to learn a lot from the history of medicine!