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The Aesculap Award 2015.

The Aesculap Award 2015.
17 August 2016

Dear Colleagues,
Please do take a moment to read this message and to pass it on to any colleagues who may be interested.

Thanks to the generosity of Braun Aesculap, two more young neurosurgeons will this year have the opportunity to benefit from awards of €5,000 each. Past winners have acknowledged the key role that winning the Aesculap Prize has played in their research career:

To quote Miikka Korja from Finland, “I believe that [winning the prize] has certainly helped me to obtain research funding and thus to carry on my research activities.”

Others, like Tom Theys from Belgium, have used their award to facilitate travel to other centres of excellence. "I got the opportunity to discover the technique of stereo EEG recordings, their clinical implications and numerous possibilities with respect to research." "I am convinced that my future research will certainly benefit from collaboration between our centers.”

One prize is available for the best clinical research paper, and another for the best laboratory research paper.
The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2015.

Please see our awards page for eligibility criteria and required documentation.

With best regards,
The EANS team