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Certification Course of the RMACPE on Pediatric Neurosurgery

20 February 2018

Dear colleagues!

The intramural part of the certification  course on pediatric neurosurgery (144 hours) will be held on March 26-29, 2018 at the premises of our Center. Participation is free for employees of Public offices.

Observers will obtain certificates with educative credits or certificate on upgrade qualification:

- Certificates (as part of five-year educative courses) are given to those neurosurgeons, who participated in a course, completed all the documents and applied not later than February, 23. The certificate is given to those specialists, whose actual certificate expires in 2018.

- Certificates are given to all specialists, who attended a full course but didn’t complete the documents.

It’s necessary to register and complete the documents to attend a course. Follow this link to find out details:


An extramural part of the course will be held from February, 26 till March, 2 (the program is available on this link)

Intramural part of the course under the leadership of Sergey K.Gorelyshev is planned for February, 26-29.

Below you may find an informational letter from The RMACPE about new education system.

The department of the pediatric neurosurgery will have a new education system starting from 2018.

1.       The year begins with a course of diagnostic of pediatric neurosurgical diseases. This course is meant for neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists, pediatricians, etc. This course is held in Moscow.

2.        Every year there are 4 visiting courses that are combined as a rule with meetings of chief pediatric neurosurgeons of each region. Visiting courses are held annually in 4 different Federal districts and are certification courses. However, any specialist can be participant of such course and obtain certificate on upgrade qualification and educative credits.

The next year visiting courses are held in other 4 Federal districts. All the cycles are formed on a new system with involvement of specialists from other institutions, and with the use of  tele-medical technologies and extramural education.

3.       Every year there are 2 innovating courses of thematic improvement (in April and October) with the usage of fixed brain medications, live biological models, simulation and computer technologies. Nowadays there are courses of microsurgery and endoscopy.

4.       Educational year ends with School on Pediatric neurosurgery. There are state diplomas and educative credits.

There are 3 parts of each course.

The first part of the course is extramural education (14 days). Training materials are sent to students and they study it independently.

The second part of the course is distant education (10 days). This part is organized with the help of tele-medicine and webinars. The main theoretical part of the course and answers to questions on extramural education are provided here. One may study this part of course on the job.

The third part is intramural education lasts for 5 days.

Thematic advanced training courses: Hands-on trainings are organized at the premises of the Academician N.N.Burdenko Neurosurgical Institute. The participants are offered opportunity to hone their skills on training, simulation models and cadaveric materials. Besides, there are seminars and practice in the ORs. Practical part of some of the courses is organized at the premises of specialized educational centers of our partners. Usually, there are several working stations, each for 2 students and one instructor. The number of working stations is strictly limited to12-15 persons.

Visiting courses: here there are lectures, video-sessions and seminars with analysis of difficult situations. The leading specialists from other institutions are invited for visiting courses.

·         All courses are free-of-charge and are held under support of technical committee.

·         At the end of course the certificate or state diplomas are given to students.

·         Educative credits are given to all participants of courses.