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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia


Scientific work and achievements

Академик Крылов Владимир Викторович

The main activities direction of Professor Krylov is development of diagnostic methods and treatment in emergency management.

V.V. Krylov and his staff had developed and implemented the most important aspects of diagnostics and treatment of different forms of acute cerebrovascular disease, cerebrocranial and spinal traumas: surgical tactics in aneurysm rupture in acute period of intracranial hemorrhage and principles of aneurysms microsurgery, methods of diagnostics and surgical treatment of acute dislocation syndrome in cerebrocranial traumas and damages of posterior cranial fossa, system of diagnostics and treatment of gunshot wounds, principles of diagnostics and surgery in spinal traumas, methods of prophylactics and treatment of secondary affection in intracranial hemorrhages (angiospasm, brain ischemia, dropsy of brain, etc.), methods of minimally-invasive surgery and local fibrinolysis in intracranial hemorrhages, methods of frame-free neuronavigation and video-endoscopy in acute neurosurgery, principles of Neuromonitoring and intensive therapy in patients with acute neurosurgical distress, prevention techniques of purulent-septic complications. A number of studies are dedicated to the questions of setting-up of neurosurgical treatment.

Vladimir Viktorovich is the author of more than 800 printing works including 23 monographs, guidelines and manuals for doctors. Under the auspices of V.V.Krylov there were defended more than 60 doctorates’ and candidate’s dissertations.

In 1998 Professor Krylov together with his tutor, professor V.V.Lebedev, had organized “NEUROSURGERY” journal that belonged to the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons. From 2008 V.V.Krylov is the editor-in-chief of this edition. Besides, Vladimir Viktorovich is included into the editorial board of the “Journal Problems of Neurosurgery named after N.N.Burdenko”, “Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry named after S.S.Korsakov”, “Journal of Neurology”, “Neurology” (the journal of the World association of neurosurgeons), etc.

Professor Krylov is a pioneer and organizer of the first Russian workshops on different problems of acute neurosurgery such as surgery and intensive therapy of cerebrocranial trauma, spinal injury, and microsurgery of brain aneurysms and treatment of cerebral hemorrhages. Such workshops are regularly held since 2002.

Vladimir V.Krylov takes a very active part in realization of program on reduction of mortality cases due to strokes in the Russian Federation and organization of regional vascular centers. Vladimir Viktorovich is also a member of the Commission of the Russian Ministry of Public Health on coordination of events which goal is development of care delivery to the patients with peripheral vascular diseases.

Vladimir Viktorovich is a multiple winner of different prizes and award. Thus, he became a laureate of Moscow Major prize in the sphere of medicine in 1995 and in 1998; ad in 2002 and 2007 he became a laureate of the first National Prize “Prizvanie” being awarded to the best doctors of Russia.

In 2003 Professor Krylov is awarded with a State Prize of the Russian Federation for a cycle of articles on “Acute intracranial hemorrhage: studying of pathogenic mechanisms and implementation of new technologies into diagnostics and surgical treatment”.

In 2004 V.V.Krylov was entitled with an honorary degree of “Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation”.

In 2005 he was awarded with a prize named after Vladimir Visotsky “Svoya koleya”.

In 2011 Vladimir Viktorovich was awarded with an order of Honour.