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FSBI "Federal Neurosurgical Center"
Novosibirsk, Russia

Head Doctor

My name is Jamil Rzaev, I have graduated from high school at Baku in 1990. Then I entered Chelyabinsk Medical Institute (from 1995 Chelyabinsk Medical Academy) and successfully graduated in 1996. Right from freshman year I started to work in emergency unit of neurosurgical department of Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital as aid-man and from the 4th grade as nurse. From the 2nd grade I began to attend optional surgical lecturers. From the 3rd grade I began to take duty at clinics of faculty surgery and regularly was assisting on emergency surgeries, was taking part in examination of patients with others doctors on duty. I would like to express my apreciation to my teachers - Dmitry Lvovich Borisov and Michail Anatol'evich Droshilov for having patience answering my countless anoying questions and never left me just with formal answer.

Upon graduation of Institute I was passing intership in Chelyabinsk Regional Hospital which became my home for 6 years of work. The intership year was very interesting and informative - I was spending there almost all my time as all interns. In 1997 I got full-time position on contaminated surgery department. Head of department Igor Leonidovich Ryshkov and doctors Nikolay Victorovich Mishurov and Evgeniy Mikhaylovich Dolnikov were not just my wise tutors, but superior mates, who always would help by advice and would support in hard times. Also in 1997 I was transfered to neurosurgical department. Head of neurosurgical department Sergey Mikhaylovich Burnin had sent me on primary specialization to St-Petersburg. After completion of 6th month of specialization I returned to neurosurgical department Chelyabinsk Regional Hospital. My good friend and outstanding neurosurgeon Dmitry Anatol'evich Romanyugo had teached me a lot of thing and I thank him very very much for that!

In 2000 I moved to St-Petersburg where was passing clinical residency and post-graduate course under the direction of professor Yuri Alekseevich Shulev. I feel honor that I could name myself the student of this courageous, kind and brilliant man and I know that every his student could address him a lot of words of gratitude. If we had more such professionals in our country the life in Russia could be much smarter! In 2005 under direction of Yuri Alekseevich I had completed and successfully defended the thesis on the topic dedicated to surgical approaches of pituitary fossa. From the Autumn 2005 I began to work at neurosurgical department of Russian Scientific Institute of Traumathology and Orthopaedics.

At the Spring of 2012 I was invited on the position of Head Doctor of Federal Neurosurgical Center.